ZiTong Jerry Wang Ph.D. Defense

Jerry Wang has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis titled “Generating counterfactual explanations of tumor spatial proteomes to discover therapeutic strategies for enhancing immune infiltration.” Congratulations, Jerry!  

Jialong Jiang Ph.D. Defense

Congratulations to Jialong who has successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Revealing Regulatory Network Organization through Single-cell Perturbation Profiling and Maximum Entropy Models”. Jialong departs for New York City this summer to join Rockefeller...

Pranav Bhamidipati Ph.D. Defense

Pranav Bhamidipati has successfully defended his Ph.D. titled “Modeling and Design of Synthetic Biochemical Circuits for Biological Phenotypes”. Pranav is now heading back to Medical School to complete his M.D. Congratulations, Pranav!